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Show artwork for Wild

Speech & Debate

January 15 - February 21, 2010

Leo K. Theater

An aspiring teen journalist, an awkward wannabe popstar, and the openly gay new kid in town all have secrets. But when their squeaky clean small-town high school refuses to acknowledge the messy parts of being a teenager, this ragtag bunch of misfits starts an after school Speech and Debate team to expose a possible scandal—and sparks more debate than their high school ever bargained for. Tackling issues of politics, homosexuality, and self-expression, young playwright Stephen Karam has written a completely modern, hilarious and heartbreaking look at the struggles of being a teen today.

Cast and Production



Trick Danneker


Justin Huertas


Amy Thone


Erin Stewart


Amy Thone


Scenic and Projection Designer

Matthew Smucker

Costume Designer

Christine Meyers

Lighting Designer

Robert Aguilar

Sound Designer

Matt Starritt


Diana Cardiff

Vocal Consultant

Judith Shahn

Stage Manager

Joseph Smelser