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Show artwork for Wild

You Can't Take It With You

November 28, 2008 - January 3, 2009

Bagley Wright Theater

Remember that recurring nightmare you have about introducing your mate-to-be to your crazy family and then having said mate back away slowly and never call you again? Welcome to the real life of Alice Sycamore. She’s been dating Tony Kirby—“a personable young man, not long out of Yale, and even more recently out of Cambridge”—and things are going well. Really well. Like let’s-get-hitched-well. But while Tony accepts Alice’s quirky, albeit lovable, family, the time has come to bring the Kirby and Sycamore families together.

Written by the legendary duo of George S. Kaufman and Moss Hart in 1936, this is Seattle Rep’s third production of the classic American comedy.

Cast and Production



Anne Allgood

Henderson/G-man #2

Ian Bell

Mr. Kirby

Mark Chamberlin


Frank Corrado

Head G-man

David Drummond

G-man #3

Curtis Eastwood


Bradford Farwell

Mr. DePinna

Allen Galli


Ben Hollandsworth

Olga the Duchess

Elizabeth Huddle


Elise Karolina Hunt

Gay Wellington

Suzy Hunt

Mrs. Kirby

Kimberly King


Cecil Luellen


Khatt Taylor


Annette Toutonghi


Michael Winters

Paul Sycamore

R. Hamilton Wright


Set Designer

Michael Ganio

Costume Designer

Frances Kenny

Lighting Designer

Mary Louise Geiger

Music and Music Direction

Michael Roth

Assistant Sound Designer

Brendan Patrick Hogan

Dialect Coach

Judith Shahn

Stage Manager

Stina Lotti

Assistant Stage Manager

Claire E. Zawa