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Sensory-friendly performances welcome audiences to engage in an accessible and relaxing theater-going experience. This theatergoing experience is made to cater to people with sensory sensitivities. The autism and neurodivergent communities especially benefit from these performances, where adjustments are made to make your audience experience comfortable.

Some adjustments that you can expect to create an accepting and welcoming environment for all include:

  • Trained ushers, volunteers, and front-of-house staff.
  • A large quiet area in the lobby.
  • Fidget items available for all audience members.
  • Sensory kits available for check out, including noise-reducing ear protectors.
  • House lights slightly raised.
  • Loud noises, strobe lights, and other over-stimulating effects reduced or eliminated.
  • Assistive devices allowed throughout the performance, including tablets and phones.
  • Space to move, talk, make noise, leave your seats, and re-enter the theater throughout the performance.



In addition to dedicated sensory friendly performances, all of Seattle Rep's productions are sensory accessible. Find sensory guides for our productions below.

Sensory Guides

Sensory Guides for every production in our season are usually available by the opening night of each show:

Sanctuary City: March 11, 2024

Fat Ham: April 17, 2024

Jinkx Monsoon & Major Scales: Together Again, Again!: June 5, 2024

Seattle Rep is proud to be certified by Sensory Access, whose goal is to make all events more accessible to those with sensory processing difficulties.

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