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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the competition happening in person this year?

The 2021 AWMC was held entirely online (including coaching, prelims, semi-finals, and finals). Information about Seattle Rep's 2022 AWMC will be announced in the coming months.

Who can participate in the AWMC?

All current high school-aged students who live in Washington State.

Does the AWMC cost anything?

There is absolutely NO COST to participate in the competition or Seattle Rep workshops!

Do I need acting experience prior to this competition?

This competition is open to all students who have an interest in acting and the work of August Wilson. No previous acting experience is required.

How do I find a monologue?

Our Teaching Artists are available to visit high school drama classes for free to engage with students and provide more information about August Wilson and his work. Included in these one-hour sessions are a short biography of August Wilson, an on-your-feet monologue taster, insight into the many monologues you can choose from, and details about the competition. Educators may email to schedule a session.

Your monologue must be from one of August Wilson’s plays. Email to receive a suggested list of monologues. Try reading a couple of monologues aloud and choose the one that you connect with the most. 

How do I introduce myself before my performance?

You must “slate” before your begin your monologue. That means you will introduce your full name, the character of your monologue, and the play your monologue is from.

How long should my performance be?

All performances (from the first acting moment to the last) must be between one and three minutes.

How does judging work? Will I receive the feedback from the judges after my performance?

You will be judged on five categories: story, voice, movement, connection, and accuracy. Please email after prelims and/or finals if you would like the judge’s feedback.

Can I use props and costumes in my performance?

The judges are looking closely at your acting performance alone. No props or costumes are allowed. You have the option of using a chair to sit in during your performance. Dress comfortably and professionally.

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