The August Wilson Monologue Competition

The August Wilson Monologue Competition features students performing monologues from the legendary playwright's American Century Cycle of plays that document 100 years of the African American experience.

This competition is open to students from all backgrounds and ethnicities. We’ll help you select a monologue from one of the plays from the American Century Cycle and you’ll have access to free coaching sessions with theater professionals.

2020/21 AWMC Updates

Now in its 11th year at Seattle Rep, the same great competition we know and love is back with some adjustments to fit the current times.

Recruitment: We will be holding online recruitment events and offering virtual classroom visits throughout the fall, as well as crafting longer AWMC residencies for those classes or organizations interested in diving deeper into Wilson's works, and/or participating in the competition as a class. 

Coaching: In addition to offering in-person small group coaching sessions as COVID safety measures allow, we will be offering exclusive video content including pre-recorded tips, exercises, and best practices for auditioning and performance, and real-time virtual monologue coaching for both groups and individuals.

If you have any questions, or if you are interested in scheduling an AWMC residency or virtual coaching session, get in touch!

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