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From June 19 through August 11, 2021, Seattle Rep hosts world-class photojournalism outdoors at Seattle Center in partnership with PhotoWalkSeattle, honoring Juneteenth and civil rights activism.

PhotoWalkSeattle is open for viewing from sunrise to sunset, seven days a week, free to the public. The installation is located outdoors near Seattle Rep's entrance at Mercer St. & 2nd Ave N.

About PhotoWalkSeattle

Through murals installed outdoors at Seattle Rep, photojournalists present a window into the ongoing struggle for civil rights and equity around the world, revealing a carefully curated selection of the "need to know" stories affecting our communities. PhotoWalk invites you to hit the streets for an exhibition examining the power of visual reportage that deconstructs our present racial and cultural reckoning and aims to reveal how history repeats itself, by examining inequalities and the unfinished work of civil rights globally and the roots of Black Lives Matter movement, which while new to some, are not really new at all.

Visitors are encouraged to use #PhotoWalkSeattle on social media to facilitate a conversation beyond the physical installation. Change does not happen within a vacuum, and our goal is to inform people of the stories that affect their daily lives and communities, and to encourage a dialogue that moves us all toward a more informed discourse.

What is PhotoWalk?

PhotoWalk brings knowledge to the streets. In 2016, ‘17 and ‘18, PhotoWalk brought photojournalism exhibitions, photo/film nights, lectures, student workshops, and more to New York City. PhotoWalk's founder moved to Seattle in 2019, and after a brief hiatus due to relocation and the pandemic, the project is putting new roots down in Seattle!

PhotoWalk believes in bringing great photojournalism to the streets, as the public forum is the most democratic medium, with the lowest access to entry, and allows us to meet our mission of helping people make sense of the world, as well as building a more equitable, empathetic, and just world. Instagram: @photowalk.cities

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