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What the Reconstruction Amendments Mean to Me

Friday, October 21 at approximately 9 p.m.

Bagley Wright Theater

Join scholar and community educator AJ Musewe in a special post-show talk about the Reconstruction Amendments through a Black perspective.

In this brief but comprehensive 30-minute talk, AJ will cover how the Reconstruction Amendments came to be and what those amendments mean to Black people in the past and today. She will discuss some of the ways in which Black activists were part of shaping this country even before the Constitution. The talk will highlight Mum Bett, a Black woman whose landmark lawsuit, Brom and Bett v. Ashley (1781), found slavery to be inconsistent with the Massachusetts State Constitution. Join us as we explore what the Constitution means to Black communities, through the lens of freedom, immigration, and history. And consider how the Constitution is used as a weapon as well as a form of protection throughout history and today.  

Meet the Speaker

AJ Musewe