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WashMasks Heat Stress Prevention Drive

May 5 - June 11, 2023

Throughout the run of Lydia and the Troll, join WashMasks Mutual Aid and Seattle Rep's efforts in showing up in solidarity for Washington's farmworkers from May 5 - June 11, 2023. As temperatures rise in Washington, so does the risk of heat stress exposure - help protect those who feed us via the Heat Stress Prevention Donation Drive. 

Instagram: @washmasks    
Facebook: WashMasks  

What Can I Donate?

  • Long-sleeve cotton shirts
  • Sunhats and baseball hats
  • Cooling Neckbands
  • Protective Eyewear & Sunglasses 
  • KN95 Masks

Check out our donation registry for other highly requested items such as hydration packs, pop-up tents for emergency shade, etc. 

What is Heat Stress & Impact on Farmworkers?

Heat Stress is when the body cannot get rid of excess heat leading to heat-related illness. Heat-related illnesses include heat cramps, heat exhaustion, heat rash, or heat stroke. Symptoms can be sweating to dizziness, cessation of sweating, and collapse. If untreated, heat-related illness can lead to heatstroke and become life-threatening. One can die from heat stress in under two hours.

Farmworkers die of heat-related illness 20 times greater than the entire U.S. civilian workforce. They face risk of heat stress in the fields, packing areas, and housing. Many migrant agricultural workers are at the mercy of their employers for housing.  Some farmworker housing fails to have air conditioning, fans, or adequate cooling. This extends their exposure to heat stress.

About WashMasks

WashMasks Mutual Aid works and collaborates with communities to provide care, creative joy, and community to Washington farmworkers, their families, and other BIPOC rural communities. We believe farmworkers and rural communities deserve safety, equity, and dignity.

WashMasks was formed in April 2020 in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. WashMasks is an all-volunteer mutual aid consisting of artists, classroom teachers, public school administrators, activists, and the extended arts community from across Washington state. The communities we work with deserve support, dignity, and advocacy. WashMasks works in solidarity with rural community activists, schools, organizations, educators, farmworker unions, migrant youth, and farmworkers themselves. WashMasks aims to amplify and support these communities and their leaders.

What is Mutual Aid?

Mutual aid is an act of solidarity among communities and neighbors. Mutual aid work happens when communities work collaboratively in addressing community needs. 

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