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Post-Show Panel Discussion: Queer Youth Navigating Identity in Traditional Black Families

Saturday, March 11 at approximately 9:45 p.m.

Poncho Forum

After the Saturday, May 11 performance of Fat Ham, join members of the Lavender Rights Project for a thought-provoking panel discussion exploring the themes and complexities of identity, family dynamics, and queerness in traditional Black families. Panelists will share insights, personal experiences, and reflections on the intersection of culture, sexuality, and familial expectations.

About The Lavender Rights Project

The Lavender Rights Project (LRP) elevates the power, autonomy, and leadership of the Black intersex & gender diverse community through intersectional legal and social services. We utilize the law as an organizing principle to affirm our civil rights and self-determination. 

Our organization disrupts oppressive systems that target Black gender diverse and intersex communities of color and lead to disproportionate levels of poverty, housing disparities, and gender-based violence, especially among Black and Indigenous people.


Farren Rice


Ariyah Jané Albert


Nicole Lynn Ó Catháin


Amari Leach