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Show artwork for Wild

Art Walk Reception: the monarq

Wednesday, May 24 at 6:30 p.m.

Before the Wednesday, May 24 evening performance of Lydia and the Troll, join us in celebrating the monarq's special exhibition of "Portraits of Black Women I Have Yet to Name"

the monarq describes this collection of work as "a portrait series that was completed as a form of art therapy to heal from work burnout, focused on black women in their many guises—their exuberance, their confidence, and vulnerability. Each image serves as a love letter to black women. My intention is to create more varied images of black women within a field that has historically neglected or dehumanized them, and I aim to address this injustice by celebrating the women portrayed." This lobby exhibit is curated in conjunction with Lydia and the Troll

Meet the Artist

Sabella "the monarq"