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Hot Cross Buns

March 2021

Online Event

Welcome to Bunny Isle, home to the happiest bunnies! And when they’re at their happiest moment in life they do the only logical thing: they end it. Speaking of life, pop superstar bunny, Mayda, loves hers. So when her fiancé, Duane, proposes to be crushed by the weight of two tons of carrots together at their wedding, she has very, very last minute regrets, hops out of the way, and causes a Rabbit Revolution. In Hot Cross Buns, a twisted new musical, Mayda is forced to confront the meaning of life and what’s worth fighting for. Nothing fluffy about it.

Pictured: Rheanna Atendido, Tyler Krieg, Jordan De Leon, Matt Ketai, Holly Chou, Khanh Doan, Cathy Ang, Cathy Foy, Jessamyn Bateman-Iino, Grace Oberhofer, Julia Izumi, Kaytlin McIntyre, Logan Reed, and Conrad Ricamora.


Julia Izumi


Grace Oberhofer


Logan Reed


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