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Through the Native Artist-in-Residence Program, Seattle Rep aims to highlight Native voices and educate non-Native audiences and our staff through art, discussion, and community engagement.


Seattle Rep acknowledges that we are on the traditional land of the Coast Salish people, including the Duwamish People past and present. We honor with gratitude the land itself and the Duwamish Tribe. This acknowledgement does not take the place of authentic relationships with indigenous communities, but serves as a first step in honoring the land we are on.

Learn more about our ongoing commitment to support and build relationships with Native artists, organizations, and individuals on our land acknowledgment page.

About the Program


The Native Artist-in-Residence Program is a season-long program in which one Native artist of any discipline is paid a stipend to create art, gain professional development, and build a relationship with Seattle Rep. The entire program is informed by the Artist-in-Residence—they will decide what kind of art they want to make, what kind of professional development they will benefit from, and what they would like their interaction and relationship to the Seattle Rep to look like. The only fixed requirement of the program is that it culminates in a public or invited event featuring either a finished product or work in progress around which staff and guests can engage in dialogue. The subject of this dialogue and the focus of the event will be entirely up to the choice and interest of the artist.

Artists/applicants can come from any discipline: theater, visual arts, writing, dance, 3D or 2D art, film, design, etc. Applicants need not have any formal training but should have some previous experience creating in their preferred medium.

The goals of the program are to:

  • Include local Native art and artists in every season at Seattle Rep
  • Begin to develop relationships with local indigenous artists and communities through critical dialogue shaped by the work of Native artists themselves
  • Make Seattle Rep available to Native artists, informed by their wants and needs
  • Create a space at Seattle Rep more explicitly inviting to Native community members

For questions about the program, contact Deanna Martinez.