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The Emeritus Board consists of former Seattle Rep Trustees who have made outstanding contributions of leadership, time, and/or philanthropic support to Seattle Rep and have demonstrated a continuing interest in the Theater, its affairs, and its future.

Each member has served on the Board of Trustees and/or Foundation Board for at least 12 years and has held the office of either Board Chair or Board President, or has served as a Chair of a major fundraising campaign such as the Endowment or Capital Campaign.


Pam Anderson
Amy Bautista
Robert S. Cline
John Hempelmann
Toni Hoffman
Brent Johnson
Bruce E.H. Johnson
Robert L. King, Jr.
H.L. (Skip) Kotkins, Jr.
Becky Lenaburg
Lynn Manley
Ilse Oles
Ann Ramsay-Jenkins
Deborah Rosen
Stanley Savage
Carlyn Steiner
Janet True
James F. Tune
Jean Viereck
Jill Watkins
Shauna Woods