The Advisory Council consists of individuals interested in Seattle Rep, its programs, and its future, and who have agreed to provide their time, expertise, and/or counsel to assist and support the work of the Board of Trustees, Executive Committee, and/or Seattle Rep’s Senior Leadership.


Dr. Laila Abdalla
Kenny Alhadeff
Marleen Alhadeff
Virginia Anderson
Nancy Brownstein
Kaitlyn Casimo
Adam Cornell
Cindy Domingo
Joanne Euster
Carver Gayton
Scottland Glenn
Tiffany Gorton
Anoop Gupta
Mary Kay Haggard
Carter Hearne

Nancy Iannucci
Nathan Ill
Chris Kevorkian
Rosanne Lapan
Shannon Lawless
Rachel McCracken
Jeff Payne
Tricia Pearson
Andy Peet
David Schneiderman
Alec Stais
Savanna Thompson
Moya Vazquez
Jane Zalutsky