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Intermission Edition: Share Your Light Stories

Back when we made the heartbreaking decision to cancel the remainder of our 2019/20 season due to public health concerns, we asked artists, staff, and you, our patrons, to #ShareYourLight with us while our stages are dark. You all showed up in numbers, letting us know that Seattle Rep holds a special place in your lives and hearts. You are special to us, too, and we can’t wait to welcome you back through our doors. This week, we are sharing just a few of the stories and favorite memories that came our way from artists, staff members, and friends of Seattle Rep.


Artist & Staff Stories

Patron Stories

“When I think about things in my life that I really treasure: friends, family, health, and happiness always come first. The season tickets I have had to the Seattle Rep since graduating college 40+ years ago are also on that list, as I have shared them with or they contribute to all of the above. 

The pair of tickets I originally shared with a BFF from college grew to become a foursome when we both married. As newlyweds, we somehow managed to budget in preview night tickets. When kids came on the scene, it was our big ‘date night’ out and a bit stressful as we had to find a babysitter.

I've been privileged to see so many great performances and talented actors over the years, like Christopher Walken in October 1974's Hamlet; Keith Carradine, John Kellog, and Kate Mulgrew in 1981's Another Part of the Forest; 1991's Conversations with My Father with Judd Hirsch and Tony Shaloub; and Come From Away in 2015. My husband and I always looked forward to seeing Eve Roberts, Jeannie Carson, Biff McGuire, Eve Roberts, and R. Hamilton Wright—just to name a few—who appeared in so many memorable productions.

Hamlet tjb1bk

Christopher Walken in Hamlet (1974).

Another Part of the Forest crop jwm2sp

John Kellogg and Kate Mulgrew in Another Part of the Forest (1981).

Conversations With My Father crop ubhwhy

John Procaccino and Judd Hirsch in Conversations with my Father (1991).

A final thought: We are SO lucky to have such quality arts venues here in Seattle. I have learned about history, politics, cultures, music, art, and more through the carefully curated seasons that Seattle Rep has offered for so many years. I look forward to when I can again enjoy that special treat called the Seattle Rep.” —Norma R.


“I believe Come From Away was one of my first times at Seattle Rep. I got to experience this amazing story of the September 11th story not knowing much about it. What an amazing play! Of course I didn’t have tissues with me, so I used my scarf to wipe my tears away. When I got home, I immediately told all of my flight attendant friends to SEE IT NOW. It was held over as word passed.

You see, I flew for United for 39 years. This play was very personal. It changed all of our jobs, mindsets, and hearts forever. It was a cathartic, joyful, very emotional, never-to-be-forgotten night. Needless to say, we are now regular Seattle Rep-goers.” — Sue T.

SRT Come from Away 222 copy obyvtu

Jenn Colella and the cast of Come From Away at Seattle Rep (2018). Photo by Chris Bennion.


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