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Little Women

Little Women Character Quiz

Where do you fit in the family of March siblings? Take our March Sibling Quiz to find out which of Marmee’s kids you really take after. Plus, based on your answers, you’ll be best matched to the Little Women event we think you should attend! From soft spoken to bad at “vocabiblary,” selfless to indulgent, Kate Hamill’s adaptation has a sibling for you.

1. For the holidays would you rather receive...? 

a. A CD or curated Spotify playlist of new, exciting music 
b. A gift certificate to a spa for a self-care day
c. Something pretty, like a collectible figurine or painting
d. A book your friend thinks you’ll like 

2. Choose a quote:  

a. “Tell me a story, Jo”  
b. “We ought to be grateful!”  
c. “I Am A Full-Grown Woman!” 
d. “I'll become Shakespeare and Dickens and Thackeray ALL! IN! ONE!” 

3. If you could go anywhere for a weekend, where would you go? 

a. Honestly, anywhere! As long as I can bring my family 
b. Out for a night of dancing in New York City 
c. London (did you know it’s one of the richest cities in Europe?!)
d. A grand European tour 

The Results 

 Building Circle mgs3rx


Mostly A’s: Beth / Event Recommendation: Winter Donation Drives
You’re like Beth! Kind, sweet, and supportive of others around you. No wonder supporting the One Thousand Books for One Thousand Dreams Book Drive for farm workers in the Yakima area and donating Period Products to the YWCA is right up your alley. Note that donation boxes will be set up in the lobby throughout the run of Little Women—see the show and bring your donations to the Theater with you! 

LW SIFF Circle 1 hbqhhp Mostly B’s: Meg / Event to Attend: Little Women Double Feature at SIFF Uptown 
You’re like Meg! You are responsible, sensible, and caring, yet enjoy the opportunity to shed your responsibilities on occasion. Invite a friend, partner, or your own sibling to get away for a day on the town and enjoy the 1994 and 2019 adaptations of Little Women on the big screen. Plus, stay for a panel with local filmmakers and learn how you can support the local film scene.
 WinterMarket Circle ntd5tb


Mostly C’s: Amy / Event to Attend: Seattle Rep’s Winter Market 
You’re like Amy! You enjoy art and the finer things in life. Seattle Rep’s Winter Market is just the place to explore handmade gifts, mouthwatering eats, and delicious drinks! Note that Little Women tickets for Dec. 3 are required for entry (either matinee or evening shows). 

 LW Improv Circle 1 hr1pbr


Mostly D’s: Jo / Event to Attend: Alcott and Improv - Breaking the Mold 
You’re like Jo! You’re not afraid to push boundaries, break binaries, laugh, and learn from literature. Just like Jo, you use your imagination to create new worlds. That’s why Bandit Theater’s Alcott-inspired improv comedy showfeaturing Bandit's cast of women performers and performers of marginalized genders—is the perfect outing for you! A one-night only performance in Seattle Rep's PONCHO Forum.


This month, let the March siblings take you on a wonderful adventure that you can only see on the Bagley Wright stage until December 17, 2023 at Seattle Rep.



Rebecca Cort, Cy Paolantonio, Katie Peabody, and Amelio García in Little Women (2023). Photo by Bronwen Houck; Colleen Madden, Katie Peabody, Cy Paolantonio, Amelio García, and Rebecca Cort in Little Women (2023). Photo by Bronwen Houck; Katie Peabody and Amelio García in Little Women (2023). Photo by Bronwen Houck.