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Dear Julie: Share the Love

Dear Julie,

I’m in a loving, committed marriage and we have a healthy sex life. I mean, there’s always room for improvement, but I’m honestly very satisfied with that part of our relationship. However, my subconscious seems to disagree. In the past few months, I’ve started having explicit sexual dreams about other people and they are DIRTY. Sometimes my dreams feature exes but other times its friends, and even once my boss (yikes). It’s always awkward when I wake up because I feel like I have a “dream hangover” but I don’t want to tell my husband and hurt his feelings. What is going on?


Horny Sleeper


Dear Horny Sleeper,

I was just telling a dear friend of mine about a sex dream I had last week about Bobby Flay, (yes, that Bobby Flay) who, let me be very clear, I am NOT attracted to physically in any way, and frankly I have a very strong feeling he’s not a nice guy. And then my dream evolved to include Giada De Laurentiis who was there giving him pointers.

Ummmmm, SOMEBODY is watching too much Food Network programming.

It’s been a very long time since I’ve been in a relationship. So so so lonnnng. Long. A really long time. Long time. Such a long time. So, though I found this dream odd, and a terrible waste of good dream energy, there was no guilt.

When I was married, or in a long term relationship, if I had sexy dreams, I would feel guilty IN THE DREAM, so again, valuable waste of resources there.

I say, if you are having erotic dreams and you’re lucky enough to wake up next to someone you enjoy, make use of that dream and share the love.

Inspiration is inspiration wherever it comes from, and in this case, you can both reap the benefits.

Am I right, ladies?