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Bagley Renovations

We are excited to announce the first part of a three-year plan to remodel the Bagley Wright Theater to create a more welcoming and accessible theater experience for all.

The vision to remodel our spaces to be more equitable, and to improve audience experience in our building, began long before the pandemic. The closure of our building due to COVID-19 has opened an unprecedented window to allow us time to accomplish the most complicated elements of our renovation plans in advance of welcoming you back to the theater.

The first phase of renovations will begin this summer and focus in the following areas:

  • The Bagley Wright Theater main floor will be modernized to allow for more comfortable and accessible seats for our patrons, including the addition of more wheelchair accessible locations and improved sightlines. 
  • The restrooms located on the orchestra level/main floor will be renovated to include fully accessible ADA stalls, allow more room for mobility, and add a single-occupancy family/all-gender restroom to provide a higher level of privacy and access for patrons. 
  • The Patron Services Office will become more accessible for all patrons with wider doors that will assist in improving audience flow in our main lobby and modified counter heights. 

These renovations will offer our community a space they feel safe and welcome to return to post-COVID. This first phase of renovations will be completed by the time we open our 2021/22 season at the end of this calendar year. Next summer, we anticipate renovating the balcony level of the Bagley Wright Theater, lobby stairwell and floor, and upstairs lounges. And finally, we plan to revamp the Rotunda and concessions area among other projects in 2023.

As we plan to return to live theater, safety and creating a warm and welcoming experience for all is a top priority for us. We look forward to sharing more about our reopening plans and seeing you back at the theater soon.