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A Festival of Personal Stories

In response to our community’s interest in writing and performing their own stories, Seattle Rep’s Public Works partnered with Macha Theatre Works and their 17 Minute Stories process. Macha Theatre Works artists led six months of workshop culminating in A Festival of Personal Stories at West of Lenin. Participants performed their 10-minute heartfelt, hilarious, and uplifting stories of resilience, reflection, and growth. Performers include: Aarti Tiwari, Ann Marie Yoder, Cynthia Linet, Diane Ste. Marie, Dolores Maria Rossman, Dragonsong, Jenjen Douglass, Lynn Hautala, Patricia Dehart and Roslyn Schley. 

Watch the performance below and learn more about A Festival of Personal Stories here.

Flow, Swim, Float? by Aarti Tiwari

Storytelling by Ann Marie Yoder 

My Day in Chains by Cynthia Linet

WHY IS LIFE SO HARD? By Diane Ste. Marie

Hecho en Mexico - Made in Mexico by Dolores Maria Rossman

Haunted by Dragonsong

Jenjen Unfiltered by Jenjen Douglass

Barbies Wanted by Lynn Hautala 

~Nice~ by Patricia Dehart

A Dream Deferred: From Harlem to Seattle by Roslyn Schley