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Seattle Rep invites actors of all gender identities, ethnic backgrounds, disabilities, and neurodiversities to attend in-person general auditions to be considered for the 2024/25 Season. 


You are already in consideration, and are not required to attend general auditions if you:  

  • Have worked at Seattle Rep in the 2023/24 Season (including The Other Season)   
  • Attended TPS Generals February 26-29, 2024 
  • Attended PRIMARY TRUST EPAs on March 25, 2024  

You must be at least 18 years of age at the time of audition to attend. Youth auditions for individual productions will be held as needed.

About Seattle Rep

Mission: Seattle Rep collaborates with extraordinary artists to create productions and programs that reflect and elevate the diverse cultures, perspectives, and life experiences of our region.
Vision: Theater at the heart of public life 

Values: Artistic Vitality, Sustainability, Generous and Inclusive Practices 

Seattle Rep is committed to producing the highest quality programming, and we believe that our ability to contribute to excellence in the arts depends on building a community whose members come from diverse cultures, backgrounds, and life experiences. 

We are part of a growing movement in theater to ensure inclusion of those who have been excluded historically; focusing particularly on racial and ethnic groups, LGBTQ+ people, people with disabilities, and women, ensuring they are reflected on our stages and in our building and community.

What to Prepare

  • Please being a headshot or photo AND a resume or list of experience and education  
  • Please prepare one monologue OR two contrasting monologues not exceeding three minutes


  • Shawna Grajek (she/they), Casting Associate  
  • Additional members of artistic staff may attend sessions as available

Scheduling an Audition

Click here or the button below to schedule an audition appointment.


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Members of Actors Equity Association are guaranteed to be seen. Please email if you have any trouble scheduling or if there are no listed slots.

If you have questions or would like to request any accommodations, please email

Available Roles

Except as specified by the playwright and/or director, all available roles in the season are open to actors of all gender identities, ethnic backgrounds, disabilities, and neurodiversities. Gender non-conforming, gender-queer, transgender, and non-binary actors, please submit for the role(s) you most identify with.

  • Artwork for THE SKIN OF OUR TEETH


    Directed by Dámaso Rodríguez 
    Bagley Wright Theater 

    Rehearsals Begin: August 18, 2024 (Later start dates possible for Ensemble roles) 
    Opening: October 2, 2024  
    Closing: October 20, 2024 
    Mr. George Antrobus: Male-identifying, 40s - 50s.
    Mrs. Maggie Antrobus: Female-identifying, 40s - 50s. 

    Sabina: Female-identifying, late 20s - 40s. Both a maid in the Antrobus's household and also the actress playing her.  

    Henry Antrobus: Male-identifying, late teen - 20s. Son of Mr. & Mrs. Antrobus.  

    Gladys Antrobus: Female-identifying, late teens - 20s. Daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Antrobus.  

    ENSEMBLE: up to 10 actors of varying genders and ages to play a variety of characters, including: Fitzpatrick, Fortune Teller, Announcer, Mammoth, Dinosaur, Telegraph Boy, Moses, Homer, Muses, Conveeners

  • Artwork for PRIMARY TRUST


    By Eboni Booth
    Directed by Kaytlin McIntyre 
    Leo K. Theater 

    Rehearsals Begin: September 24, 2024 
    Opening: October 30, 2024 
    Closing: November 24, 2024 
    Kenneth: Male-identifying, late 30s, Black. Kenneth has lived in a small town his whole life; he has a desire for a life bigger than the one he’s living, but anxiety over the unknown keeps him from breaking his carefully created routine. 

    Bert: Male-identifying, late 30s - 40s, Black. Bert is Kenneth’s solid and steady best friend. 

    Corrina / Wally's Waiters/ Bank Customers: Female identifying, 30s - 40s, Black. This multiple-role track includes a variety of bank customers and waiters, ranging in age and ethnicity, including Corrina: a smart and open-minded waitress who befriends Kenneth. 

    Clay / Sam / Le Pousselet Bartender: Male, 50s - 60s, any race. Sam: owner of the town’s only bookstore; Clay: warm and curious bank manager who becomes an unexpected ally to Kenneth.

  • Artwork for BLITHE SPIRIT


    By Noël Coward  
    Directed by Allison Narver 
    Bagley Wright Theater
    Rehearsals Begin: October 25, 2024 
    Opening: December 4, 2024 
    Closing: December 22, 2024 
    Charles Condomine: Male-identifying, 30s - 40s. English novelist.
    Ruth Condomine: Female-identifying, 30s - 40s. Charles' second wife.  

    Elvira: Female-identifying, 30s - 40s. The ghost of Charles' first wife. 

    Madame Arcarti: Female-identifying, 40s - 60s. The local spiritualist and medium.  

    Dr. George Bradman: Male-identifying, 30s - 40s. The local doctor and a good friend of the Condomines. 

    Violet Bradman: Female-identifying, 30s - 40s. Dr. Bradman's wife.  

    Edith: Female-identifying, 20s. The maid with a secret gift. 



    By Pearl Cleage 
    Directed by Valerie Curtis-Newton 
    Bagley Wright Theater 

    Rehearsals Begin: December 26, 2023 
    Opening: February 5, 2024 
    Closing: February 23, 2024 

    Angel Allen: Female-identifying, 30s, Black. A former backup singer at The Cotton Club. 

    Guy Jacobs: Male-identifying, 30s, Black. A costume designer at The Cotton Club. 

    Delia Patterson:  Female-identifying, late 20s, Black. A social worker on staff at Harlem Hospital. 

    Leland Cunningham: Male-identifying, late 20s - 30s, Black. A six-week resident of Harlem from Alabama. 

    Sam Thomas: Male-identifying, late 30s - 40s. Black. A forty-year-old doctor at Harlem Hospital. 



    By Lauren Yee 
    World Premiere
    Leo K. Theater 

    Rehearsals Begin: January 30, 2024 
    Opening: March 12, 2024 
    Closing: April 6, 2024 

    EUVGENY: The character is male-identifying, 25, white, Russian; though the actor may not be.  

    DMITRI: The character is male-identifying, 25, white, Russian; though the actor may not be. 

    KATYA: The character is female-identifying, 30s, white, Russian; though the actor may not be. 

    MOTHER RUSSIA: Any ethnicity, gender, and age. 

  • Artwork for LAUGHS IN SPANISH


    By Alexis Scheer 
    Bagley Wright Theater 

    Rehearsals Begin: March 14, 2024 
    Opening: April 23, 2024 
    Closing: May 11, 2024 

    Mariana (Mari): Female-identifying, mid 20s - early 30s, Latiné. An art gallery director. 

    Estella: Female-identifying, 50s, Latiné; a movie star and Mari’s mother.  

    Carolina (Caro): Female-identifying, late 20s, Latiné. A painter. 

    Juan: Male-identifying, mid 20s - early 30s, Latiné. A Miami-Dade police officer. 

    Jenny: Female-identifying, 20s - early 30s. white. Estella’s personal assistant.