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Show artwork for Wild

Mother Russia

March 6 – April 6, 2025

Leo K. Theater

Euvgeny and Dmitri are just two average guys who dream of joining the KGB—but when the fall of the Soviet Union puts hiring on hold, they find jobs surveilling a former pop star instead. As they bumble their way through the assignment, both spy work and life under capitalism prove harder than they thought. This quirky and provocative world premiere comedy by Lauren Yee (The Great Leap, Cambodian Rock Band) reveals what happens when old systems and strongmen fall away, and we let the free market decide—but freedom doesn’t taste as good as we thought it would. 

[Lauren Yee] displays a distinctive, keen-edged wit, a quirky and capacious imagination

The Seattle Times

Important Dates

Event Type Event Dates
Preview Performances Mar. 6-11
Opening Night Mar. 12
Mask Required Mar. 16
Open Captions Mar. 20
Teen Night Mar 21
Student Matinee Mar. 27 at 11 a.m.
ASL & Audio Described Mar 29