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Veteran Listening Circle

Sunday, May 15

Leo K. Theater

In partnership with Veteran Rites. This post-show event is for the veteran and military communities only. Veteran Rites will lead a post-show healing and discussion circle for veterans to reflect on the play and be in community. Refreshments will be provided.

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About Veteran Rites

Veteran Rites initiates Veterans into true identity, purpose, and belonging after military service.  

In neighborhoods, we convene Circles of Return that get to the heart of what we carry so we don't have to shoulder it alone. At the Rite of Return, we answer the soul’s call for deep healing in the wilderness, separated from society, in order to cross the line to who we are truly called to be once we've hung up the uniform. Our warrior-led ceremony has proven to drastically reduce the symptoms of PTS, compassion fatigue, moral injury, and suicidal thoughts by embracing all aspects of our human nature, identity, and experience.




Meet the Facilitators

Ryan Mielcarek

Executive Director, VeteranRites

Beau Gromley

Program Director, GRuB - Community Food Solutions