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exhibits: Native Artist-in-Residence Installation

April 4-10

Poncho Forum

exhibits is a collection of experimental poems that brings you through a museum installation, where the poems are reading you as much as you're reading them. This installation transforms the new book of poetry by Arianne True into an immersive museum experience. This museum engages with how the experience of childhood trauma doesn't end when you turn eighteen. It examines how the effects ripple, even for decades, finding new ways to manifest and asking to be healed. Given the history of Natives and American museums, the museum form is a perfect place to repatriate a stolen body, and the artist in the poetry book hopes to do just that across the course of the work.

For this installation, exhibits has been adapted into a 3D space so you can walk through the book, interacting with the gallery spaces as you would in a museum and wandering through additional background materials and poems from the artist in the book. This has always been one of the book's fondest dreams, and we could not be more excited to share it with you.

The installation features a musical composition by Kate Olson in response to one of the poems, made as part of an artist collaboration between 2020 Jack Straw Writers and Bushwick Book Club Seattle.


This installation is a self-guided experience. Patrons are welcome to enter the installation before attending a performance of Ghosts or solely attend the installation during its open hours.

The installation space will also include a low-stim area halfway through, and minor (opt-in) opportunities for interaction with the work towards the end. There are both visual and audio elements throughout.

For the health and safety of the artist and your fellow patrons, we ask that you come as low-to-no-scent as possible to this event. This means at the very least refraining from wearing perfumes and colognes on the day you're coming, as well as scented lotions and hair products, though the closer to scent-free the better. If this is a new disability access practice to you, or if you have questions about what this means or how we're taking care of each other this way, please contact Nabra Nelson.

Learn more about sensory access at Seattle Rep. 

This chance at the Rep felt so important because it seemed like exactly the space exhibits could go 3D in, letting the full vision come out and with the support I need to make something like this happen, and with an institution I'm excited to collaborate with.

Arianne True, Seattle Refined

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2021/22 Native Artist-in-Residence

Meet Arianne True

Get to know Seattle Rep's inaugural Native Artist-in Residence Arianne True, local poet and folk artist.