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The Bushwick Book Club Seattle

Original Music Inspired by Shakespeare

Saturday, February 15, 7:30-10 p.m.

Seattle Rep and The Bushwick Book Club Seattle are partnering on this one-night-only concert inspired by the Works of Shakespeare! Hear original music by local artists, supplemented by monologues performed by local actors.

The Bard at last! Inspiration, invention and imagination abound in the world’s singlemost celebrated literary canon – and, at last, it will be drawn upon for a night of original music inspired by Shakespeare’s legendary work. RSVP on Facebook!

“He breathed upon dead bodies and brought them into life. Nor sequent centuries could hit Orbit and sum of Shakespeare’s wit.”

– Ralph Waldo Emerson


About The Bushwick Book Club Seattle:

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The Bushwick Book Club Seattle is a group of musicians dedicated to sharing our combined passion for both music and reading with the Seattle community and beyond. With each performance, a book is chosen which is read by our talented Bushwick artists who then write original music inspired by the book they just read. The audience is encouraged to read the featured book and participate in the events as well. By producing these unique, one of a kind musical literary events we hope to increase awareness in literature and song writing, while at the same time remind people (young and old) that reading can and should be a regular part of their daily lives.