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(Re)Imagine Indigenous Theater

Thursday, November 19

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Indigenous communities are the original and continued stewards and artists of this land and yet were excluded from shaping mainstream theater as we see it today. What would theater look like in the United States if it was shaped by indigenous communities and upheld tribal sovereignty? How are storytelling, land, and community linked when led by indigenous knowledge, expertise, and tradition?



Neemah Cobell

Theater Artist

Howie Echo-Hawk


Roger Fernandes

Artist, Storyteller, Educator

Darrell Hillaire

Executive Director and Co-Founder, Children of the Setting Sun Productions

Blake Shelafoe

Duwamish Storyteller


Fern Naomi Renville

Dakota Indian Storyteller, Artist, Theater Director, Educator

Nabra Nelson

Director of Arts Engagement, Seattle Rep

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(Re)Imagine Indigenous Theater Reading List

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(Re)Imagine Theater Panel Series

This series brings artists and community leaders together to envision a new theatrical world. Without constraints, what do we want theater to look like? Join the conversation.