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(Re)Imagine Civic Theater

Thursday, October 29

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Seattle Rep’s vision is “Theater at the Heart of Public Life,” and an integral part of public life is civic involvement. With the upcoming presidential election, we are each a part of shaping what the future will be. How can theater be integrated into civic life, and civic practice be more integrally a part of theater? What is our vision for the future of our country, and how can theater be a part of that?



Manny R. Cawaling

Executive Director, Inspire Washington

Kathy Hsieh

Cultural Partnerships & Grants Manager, Seattle Office of Arts & Culture

Miki Kusunose

Volunteer, The Washington Bus

ChrisTiana ObeySumner

CEO, Epiphanies of Equity LLC

Sara Porkalob


Naho Shioya

Educator, Artist, Consultant


Angie Kamel

Public Works Director, Seattle Rep

Nabra Nelson

Director of Arts Engagement, Seattle Rep

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(Re)Imagine Civic Theater Reading List

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