(Re)Imagine Theater is a panel series that brings artists and community leaders together to envision a new theatrical world. Without constraints, what do we want theater to look like?

We will highlight individuals and organizations who are working toward positive change, and discuss how artists and community can work together to craft our vision for the future of theater. But before any of that work can be done, we must know what we are working towards. We must be able to imagine the future to make it, and we hope that these conversations will challenge and inspire Seattle Rep and theaters across the nation.

Audience members will be welcome to add their ideas and vision to the conversation, in addition to a curated panel local to the Seattle area. Come imagine with us, think beyond and through barriers, and begin to manifest the future of theater.

“Our radical imagination is a tool for decolonization, for reclaiming our right to shape our lived reality.” ― Adrienne Maree Brown, Pleasure Activism: The Politics of Feeling Good

Presented in collaboration with HowlRound Theatre Commons. All panels are live captioned and ASL interpreted.


Pictured: Terence Archie in The Odyssey (2017). Photo by Jim Bennett.