Let's Talk Tech is a monthly Seattle Rep podcast that goes behind the scenes with technical theater professionals to get the inside scoop on their careers, the industry, and the roles that we don't see on stage. From stage managers, to technical directors, to crew, each episode highlights a different theater professional from the Seattle area and beyond.

Episode 12


In our latest episode, Director of Arts Engagement Nabra Nelson interviews our Properties Artisan Angie Zylla about creating the head for 2018’s MAC BETH, “telling a story with props,” the importance of problem solving, and much more.


Meet the Artists


Angie Zylla

Properties Artisan

Desirae Brownlee

Master Electrician

Sharath Patel

Sound Designer

Danielle Nieves

Costume Designer

Maggie Carrido Adams

Wardrobe Technician, Interdisciplinary Artist

Sann Hall

Production Manager

Shay Trusty

Stage Manager

Aaron Alonso

Production Manager

Caitlin Denney-Turner

Stage Manager

Elisabeth Farwell-Moreland

Producing Director

Adrienne Mendoza

Stage Manager

Anne Hitt

Stage Manager


Madisen Crowley

2019/20 Stage Management Apprentice

Nabra Nelson

Director of Arts Engagement

Seattle Rep's Let's Talk Tech podcast was originally conceived by 2019/20 Professional Arts Training Program Stage Management Apprentice Madisen Crowley.

Pictured: Aishé Keita and Michael Wieser in Familiar (2018). Photo by Navid Baraty.