Join Seattle Rep's monthly Kilroys Club playreading group for discussions of new, unpublished plays. Plays will be sourced from the Kilroys List, a curated selection of new plays by women, trans, and non-binary playwrights. The Kilroys Club will also have an additional focus on playwrights of color.

I deeply appreciate the opportunity to read new plays and share perspectives with others in an informal setting.

Kilroys Club Participant

Registration Information

Registration Fee

Individual Event Registration

Adults: $10
Students: $5

This registration fee goes toward compensating the playwrights for access to their unpublished scripts. If you have questions or if you are unable to pay for registration at this time, you can request a waiver for the registration fee by contacting Nabra Nelson.

How to Participate

Register below for the discussion date and script you are interested in exploring. Scripts will be emailed to you for reading before the group meets for a free-flowing discussion of each play. Seattle Rep staff will delve into the season planning process using these works as examples and provide insight on the production process from page to stage.

This is not a public play reading. Instead, like a book club, this is a chance for you to gain access to new scripts, read them on your own, and discuss them with other theater enthusiasts and Seattle Rep artistic staff.


All Kilroys Club discussion sessions will be closed captioned. To request additional accommodations, contact Nabra Nelson.

Upcoming Plays & Dates

  • Nadeshiko

    By Keiko Green

    Date: May 15 at 11 a.m. PT
    Platform: Zoom

    Nadeshiko follows the story of two women: A young woman in Japan during World War II takes on the role of caregiver to soldiers soon flying to their deaths. In 2016, Risa takes on a peculiar gig from Craigslist in order to pay her rent. As personal and sexual boundaries blur, the stories of two generations of women intersect in this discovery of power within idealized Asian beauty.

  • FLEX

    By Candrice Jones

    Date: June 12 at 11 a.m. PT
    Platform: Zoom

    It’s 1997 and Cynthia Cooper rules the WNBA. Every player on Plainnole’s Lady Train basketball team wants to “go pro,” but none more than Starra Jones. She and her teammates, Cherise, Sidney, April, and Donna, make a pact to stick together come hell or high water. However, the realities of living life in rural Arkansas may tear them apart. Written in the structure of a four-quarter basketball game, FLEX presents a world in which a mistake on the court becomes a foul off the court. Hitting a shot on the court is a score in real life.


Meet the Playwrights


Keiko Green

Playwright, "Nadeshiko"

Candrice Jones

Playwright, "FLEX"


Philana Imade Omorotionmwan

Playwright, "Before Evening Comes"

Larissa FastHorse

Playwright, "What Would Crazy Horse Do?"

Sanaz Toossi

Playwright, "English"

Madhuri Shekar

Playwright, "House of Joy"

MJ Kaufman

Playwright, "Sagittarius Ponderosa"

Marisela Treviño Orta

Playwright, "Heart Shaped Nebula"

Danielle Mohlman

Playwright, "Rushing"

Image for Seattle Public Library Kilroys Reading List

Seattle Public Library Kilroys Reading List

Librarians from Seattle Public Library have curated a further reading list to accompany the plays read by the Kilroys Club.

 Pictured: Andi Alhadeff in Indecent (2019). Photo by Bronwen Houck.