Get to know the leadership team behind Seattle Rep's Public Works program, our incredible teaching artists, and just a few of the many Public Works participants featured in our #MeetThePWFam series.



Angie Kamel

Public Works Director

Lia Sima Fakhouri

Public Works Manager

Donovan Olsen

Public Works Apprentice

Derek Edamura

Public Works Documentarian

Teaching Artists

Hattie Claire Andres

Aviona Creatrix Rodriguez Brown

Aimee Hong

Shaunyce Omar

Vincent (VJ) Orduna

Alex Lee Reed

Nina Williams-Teramachi


Ken Parms

Teresa Boydston

Parker Yvonne Hennessey

Janelle Maria Velasquez Walz

Jennyfer Purswell

Roslyn Schley

Cynthia Linet

Elisabeth Hurley

Dalwyn Dean 

“Neysa” Mary Peterson   

Dolores Maria Rossman

Past Leadership

Marya Sea Kaminski (she/her)
Associate Artistic Director, head of Seattle Rep's Public Works

Past Teaching Artists

Alex Lee Reed
Ana Maria Campoy
Caroline Brown
Claudine Mboligikpelani Nako
Janelle Velasquez
Julia Thornton
Marquicia Dominguez
Matthew Sythandone
Orlando Morales
Sarah Butts
Timothy Norris