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Seattle Rep’s New 2024-2027 Strategic Plan

When you come to a show at Seattle Rep these days, it probably looks and feels pretty similar to how things were in 2019—but there are a lot of hidden differences. The sets and costumes still look spectacular, but they cost a lot more to produce. You’re still surrounded by fellow audience members, but they probably bought their tickets days rather than months in advance. And they aren’t necessarily the same folks who were coming here five years ago—there are a lot of new theatergoers giving Seattle Rep a try, and it’s up to us to give them an experience that will keep them wanting to come back.

Seattle Rep is launching a new strategic plan in response to some of these differences which will see the Theater trying some new things over the next three years. Our plan is focused on three key initiatives, which we believe will enable us to better serve our community and pursue our mission, vision, and values in the future:

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Seattle Rep is exploring and developing a new producing model. Behind the scenes, we will be investing more of our resources in the art on stage. Instead of bringing in productions from elsewhere, we’ll be building most of our shows ourselves (six out of seven in our 2024/25 Season!). We’ll also be employing our behind-the-scenes artisans and crews for a full season of work and adjusting our rehearsal and production schedules to ensure that artists and staff are able to keep to consistent eight-hour days. And we'll be experimenting with shorter runs of other kinds of performances (think comedy, music, live podcasts, limited engagements) in and around our subscription seasons.

What can audiences expect to see?

  • Extraordinary shows directed and designed by more Seattle-based artists, with more familiar local actors on stage!
  • Student Matinees for every production (and, behind the scenes, a robust evaluation of our other youth programming as we pause and assess what our community needs and how we can carry this work forward more sustainably in the future).
  • A new model for our Public Works program, which will see us incorporating a community ensemble comprised of Public Works artists alongside a full company of Equity actors in our first production of the new season, The Skin of Our Teeth. Integrating participatory theater into one of our regular season shows (rather than a stand-alone Public Works production) will allow us to spotlight our community’s incredible talent in front of a larger audience than ever before. 

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Seattle Rep is working to build a larger, more representative, more loyal Seattle community to sustain and grow the Theater. Our team will be collaborating more closely than ever on choosing shows that will excite our community, stimulate strong word-of-mouth, and inspire more people to join us for the magic of live theater. We will also be focused on building stronger relationships with our guests and delivering a thoroughly enjoyable theatergoing experience from start to finish.

What can audiences expect to see?

  • A new Box Office dedicated to delivering great customer service for both Seattle Rep and Seattle Children’s Theatre (you can get tickets to your family outing and your date night with just one phone call!).
  • More personalized communications and content as we work to share information about shows and events we think will appeal not just to anybody, but to YOU in particular!
  • Expanded food and beverage options and other offerings in our lobby that will make you eager to arrive early and enjoy.

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Seattle Rep is pioneering sustainable, efficient theater work practices to optimize performance. We will be holding fewer meetings, assessing how we can incorporate data to inform more of our decision-making processes, and optimizing our use of technology to help us collaborate better in our work. (We know, really glamorous stuff here!)

What can audiences expect to see? This initiative is all about our internal operations, which are less visible to the public, but we hope you see its impact reflected in your interactions with happy, engaged staff members!

What does Seattle Rep look like in three years?

A strategic plan is a living document, expected to evolve over time. We haven’t plotted out every move the Theater will make for the next three years, but the general idea is:

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If we do everything (or most things) right, then in three years we expect that:

  • Seattle Rep will have identified a balanced programming mix that positions us for meaningful, stable pursuit of our mission over the long term.
  • We will be known for a distinct artistic vision that sets us apart from other theaters in Seattle.
  • The theater will be fuller and open on more nights, and theatergoers will be eager to come back multiple times per season.
  • Seattle Rep will be viewed as a leader in our theater community, supported by an engaged and fulfilled staff, and ready for new and exciting projects on the horizon.

In three years, we plan for Seattle Rep to be even closer to our vision of Theater at the Heart of Public Life. But we can’t do it without our community of theatergoers, donors, volunteers, and artists. Thank you for your belief in our vision, and we look forward to seeing you back here this fall!


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