The Directing/Literary Internship provides an opportunity to assist leading directors in the field and be part of the day-to-day life of a regional theater artistic staff. The Internship time is split half and half between the rehearsal room and administrative experiences, making it a unique and holistic opportunity for young directors interested in artistic administration as well.

As an assistant director, the Directing/Literary Intern works on 3-4 shows, with duties that can range from taking notes, script supervision, research, observation, and more. As a member of the artistic and literary team, the Intern participates in season planning (script reading, solicitation, and organization), dramaturgical research, artistic administrative work, and assisting the producing team and artists in the room for The Other Season , Seattle Rep’s new play development program. This Internship is supervised by Assistant to the Artistic Director & Artistic Associate Hattie Claire Andres.


At the end of this internship, participants will have a deep understanding of:

  • The art of directing through assisting, discussions, and optional guided projects, with opportunities to build relationships with some of the top directors in the country
  • The inner workings of a literary office (e.g., how to find projects, read, and respond)
  • Producing and participating in the development processes of new work from the perspective of both the playwright and director
  • AEA, IATSE and LORT guidelines
  • The season planning process and how an artistic staff operates
  • Building a network of theatrical professionals locally and nationally


  • Interest in Directing and experience as an assistant director (Directing experience is preferred, but not required)
  • Demonstrated interest in literary, dramaturgical and/or new work development
  • Excellent writing and analysis skills
  • Strong organizational skills
  • Self-motivated, collaborative, and a good sense of humor