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The August 13, 2021 audition submission date has passed. Thank you for your interest in Seattle Rep.

Seeking actors for Seattle Rep’s 2021/22 Season. See below for dates and character breakdowns. Actors of all ethnicities, genders, and abilities are strongly encouraged to audition. 


  • Your headshot 
  • Resume 
  • Either 2 contrasting monologues not exceeding two minutes 
    1 monologue and 16 bars of a song with your own accompaniment that shows off your voice and range not exceeding two minutes 

Please list your AEA status clearly on your resume. If you are Seattle-local, we also ask that you list that clearly on your resume. Starting this season, all roles will be understudied.

All materials should be labeled with your name and the year.

For example: 

Available Roles

  • Artwork for Teenage Dick

    Teenage Dick

    by Mike Lew
    directed by Malika Oyetimein
    Leo K. Theater

    Rehearsals: Jan. 31 – March 3, 2022
    Performances: March 4 – April 3, 2022
    Opening Night: March 9, 2022

    Actors with disabilities are strongly encouraged to apply. All roles are open to actors of all ethnicities.


    RICHARD GLOUCESTER – (17) junior class secretary, slyly ambitious, has cerebral palsy

    BARBARA “BUCK” BUCKINGHAM – (17) his best friend, earnest, wheelchair user

    ELIZABETH YORK – (30s-40s) wry, well-meaning English teacher, kind of naïve

    EDDIE IVY – (17) junior class president, football guy, kind of a dick

    CLARISSA DUKE – (17) junior class vice president, Jesus-loving, overachiever

    ANNE MARGARET – (17) big-hearted yet dark, dancer, formerly the most popular girl in the school

  • Artwork for Ghosts


    by Henrik Ibsen
    translated by Paul Walsh
    directed by Carey Perloff
    co-production with Williamstown
    Bagley Wright Theater

    Rehearsal: Feb. 25 – March 31, 2022
    Performances: April 1 – May 1, 2022
    Opening Night: April 6, 2022

    All roles are open to actors of all ethnicities.


    OSWALD ALVING – 20s-30s, Mrs. Alving’s son, a painter who’s return from living in Paris. Passionate, unwell. Infatuated with Regina.

    REGINA ENGSTRAND – early 20s. Mrs. Alving’s maid and adopted daughter of Jakob Engstrand. Though she is grateful to Mrs. Alving, she aspires to break out of her current situation. She is enamored with Oswald. 

  • Artwork for Selling Kabul

    Selling Kabul

    by Sylvia Khoury
    Directed by Valerie Curtis-Newton
    Leo K. Theater

    Rehearsal: March 22 – April 21, 2022
    Performances: April 22 – May 22, 2022
    Opening Night: April 27, 2022


    AROON – Early 30s, an Afghan man who worked as an interpreter for the US Army

    AFIYA – Early 30s, Afghan, his sister, a seamstress

    LEYLA – Late 20s, Afghan, Afiya’s neighbor and childhood friend, a recent mother

    JAWID – Late 30s, Afghan, Afiya’s husband, a tailor

  • Artwork for Bruce


    by Robert Taylor & Richard Oberacker
    Directed & Choreographed by Donna Feore
    Bagley Wright Theater

    Rehearsal: April 14 – May 26, 2022
    Performances: May 27 – June 26, 2022 (possible extension to July 3)
    Opening Night: June 1, 2022

    All roles are open to actors of all ethnicities.


    DAVID BROWN – 50s, baritone. New York producer of substantial power and respect who nonetheless maintains a professorial and pragmatic personal approach to his colleagues.

    ROBERT SHAW – mid-40s, baritone. Shaw is a Lancashire-born actor of Scottish decent with the capacity for liquor to prove it.

    DICK RICHARDS / BOB MATTEY – Late 40s to mid-60s, baritone. Dick is slightly cartoonish in his Hollywood director. Bob, the creative designer of Bruce, is grounded and pragmatic.

    VERNA FIELDS – Mid-40s, alto. Verna is creative, resourceful and, in her way, nurturing. She is fiercely loyal and quick witted.

    LORRAINE GARY – Late 30s to early 40s, alto belt. Down to-earth, charming, and warm actor. She has a terrific sense of humor - including about the power and privilege she has in the industry.

    CARL GOTTLIEB – Mid to late 30s, character baritone. Warm, diligent, and quick-witted writer and actor.

    ROY SCHEIDER – Early 40s, high baritone. A serious actor, he remains a strong team player and holds his temper for as long as possible.

    RICKY DREYFUSS – Mid to late 20s, tenor. He is extremely gifted as an actor but not entirely self-aware, a shameless flirt.