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When you make a general donation to the Rep, your money goes directly to support our artistic programming. But you can also designate your donation to more specifically support:

The Classics
Shakespeare, Moliere, Shaw — you know the ones. The plays that have transcended time and continue to resonate with modern audiences. They often have large ensemble casts and challenging set designs, which require extraordinary resources to produce. They also offer tremendous opportunities for young people to experience and learn from the masters.

This year, our education programs will introduce over 7,000 students to the power of theatre through matinees, teaching artist residencies, playwright workshops, and acting classes. We also train teachers to enliven classrooms and have 14 post-college internships in our renowned Professional Arts Training Program. Learn more about the YES Project, an initiative to inspire young artists and audiences.

New Plays
Your generous contributions allow us to commission new plays and develop shows that will be the classics of tomorrow. We commission 3-5 emerging playwrights a year—from up-and-coming voices to nationally celebrated established writers. Learn more about our New Play Program.

Our endowment fund is our very important safety net. It is a chunk of money carefully invested for the long-term. The investment income that is generated supports our artistic and education programs and helps cushion us in tough economic times, allows us to take calculated artistic risks, and gives us financial security.

Giving is good for you, too. Read about our donor benefits:

$1000 and above