Hershey Felder as Monsieur Chopin
Written & Performed by Hershey Felder

Special Presentation
January 2 – January 19, 2020
Leo K. Theater

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Monsieur Chopin features the romantic story and music of the Polish pianist-composer Fryderyk Chopin and begins at Chopin’s salon at 9 Square d’Orleans in Paris. Monsieur Chopin will teach a piano lesson that actually took place on March 4, 1848, just days after the February 1848 revolution. As the piano lesson unfolds, he reveals secrets about the art of the piano and composition, as well as secrets about himself. Considered by his contemporaries and now by history as the true “Poet of the Piano,” Monsieur Chopin features some of the pianist-composer’s most beautiful and enduring music.

“Entertaining and enlightening. Monsieur Chopin reminds us that music can sustain an artist’s soul the way no person or country ever could.”
–Chicago Daily Herald