Dry Powder
by Sarah Burgess
directed by Marya Sea Kaminski
in the Leo K. Theatre

This gripping new dark comedy delves into the world of those who have the power to manipulate the American economy. Rick, a private equity firm president creates a PR nightmare when he throws himself an extravagant engagement party after forcing massive layoffs at his company. Seth, one of Rick’s managing directors desperately attempts to rectify the situation by pursuing a luggage company ready to be taken to the next level. But Jenny, Seth’s ice-cold colleague at the firm, suggests a countermove that spells disaster for the “little guy.” Sarah Burgess’ engrossing play opens a window into the high-stakes world of high finance. It’s play or be played.

  • Run time is approximately 90 minutes with no intermission.

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Davis Wright Tremaine

Kutscher Hereford Bertram Burkart

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