Can’t get enough of The Great Society? We get it. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of additional resources for you to chew on. Happy reading!

Our friends at HistoryLink.org, the free online encyclopedia of Washington state history, have recommended a variety of articles relevant to the time period of our plays.

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The LBJ Presidential Library at the University of Texas at Austin houses over 45 million documents from LBJ’s time in office. Lucky for us in Seattle, they have a website with extensive resources including primary source documents from the White House, essays, photos and videos.

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All the Way and The Great Society dramaturge Tom Bryant suggests the following texts for further reading:

  • Taylor Branch, At Canaan’s Edge. The third in a Pulitzer Prize-winning trilogy about the civil rights movement from 1965–1968.
  • David J. Garrow, Bearing the Cross. This author¬itative biography of Dr. King gives a fully dimen¬sional portrait of both the man and the leader of the civil rights movement.
  • Doris Kearns Goodwin, Lyndon Johnson and the American Dream. An intimate biography based on candid interviews with LBJ after his presidency.
  • Nick Kotz, Judgment Days. The story of the relationship between Johnson and King during the civil rights struggle from 1964–68.

To view a full annotated list and place holds on items visit
Seattle Public Library’s website.


Indomitable Will
By Mark K. Updegrove

The Eve of Destruction
By James T. Patterson

The Liberal Hour
By G. Calvin Mackenzie

A Rumor of War
By Philip Caputo

Tree of Smoke
By Denis Johnson

By Karl Marlantes

Hard Revolution
By George P. Pelecanos

The Silence of Our Friends
By Mark Long

Virgin Soul
By Judy Juanita

1968 With Tom Brokaw


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