by Liz Duffy Adams
directed by Allison Narver

Aphra Behn is England's first female professional playwright...and a spy. She's just quit the espionage business to write her first play, and she's on deadline when her former lover blazes in with enemies on his heels. To complicate things, the city's hottest actress, Nell Gwynne, is getting awfully friendly, and, for that matter, so is the king—as in Charles II. Set in Restoration England, this playful farce is a rush of mad-cap antics, gender bending, and rollicking intrigue.

l to r: Montana von Fliss, Kirsten Potter, and Basil Harris in Or, Kirsten Potter in 'Or,' Basil Harris and Kirsten Potter in 'Or,' Montana von Fliss in 'Or,' Montana von Fliss and Basil Harris in 'Or,' L to R: Kirsten Potter and Basil Harris in 'Or,'

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