An offbeat comedy about the apocalypse

A nerdy marine biologist calculates that the end of the world is near and posts an online personals ad, hoping to romance the girl that will help him ensure the survival of the species. But when push comes to shove, saving life on earth on the first date proves to be a bit of a challenge. Exciting new playwright Nachtrieb brings us this funny, slightly warped and ultimately hopeful look at the apocalypse.

“Sex! Planet-ruining cataclysms! Loads of booze! We’re ready for
whatever strange places boomwants to take us.”Variety

"Peter Sinn Nachtrieb’s play flips from pants-around-the-ankles comedy to hipster ‘Twilight Zone’ takeoff…boom is imaginative and easy to like. —The New Yorker

*Recommended for ages 17 and above for profanity, sexuality and adult situations.

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