How To Exchange Tickets Online

Subscribers enjoy completely free, no-hassle ticket exchanges. Something come up? Swap your tickets online for another night at no cost, no questions asked. (Upgrade charges may apply.)

Online Exchange Instructions:

1. Sign In
Your login information was printed on your season tickets. If you've never logged in before, we've provided you with a temporary login. Find out more about temporary logins and how to use them.

Note: If your login information did not appear on your tickets, please contact the Box Office (have on hand your e-mail address and Patron ID).

2. Choose Which Tickets to Exchange
Navigate to the 'My Tickets' tab and then 'Upcoming Performances'. All performances that are at least 24 hours from now should be listed. Click on a show title to display your tickets. Select which seat you wish to exchange by marking the checkbox next the seat. Once you have selected at least one seat, an 'Exchange Tickets' button will appear. Click on the button to continue with your exchange.

3. Find New Seats
Select a new date to exchange to. Please keep in mind that you may experience an upgrade charge if you change to a more expensive night from your current subscription.
Choose the seat you wish to sit in, or get best available in our 'Choose by Section' option. The cost shown (if any) reflects any upgrade costs.

4. Verify Seats and Complete Checkout
Once you have selected a seating section, you will be taken to a page that will show the best available seats in that selection. If you wish to change either your day or seats, click the 'Change' link next to your new seats. Otherwise click the 'Continue' button and complete the transaction as normal.

Exchange Your Tickets Now

If you have any questions or to exchange by phone, please call the Box Office at 206-443-2222.

* Certain voucher packages and tickets (i.e. Players Pack) cannot be redeemed online at this time.