Any advertising, including, but not limited to, print media (i.e. programs, newspapers, flyers, etc.), radio, television (national and/or local), video, electronic or digital media using any form of computer generated information transmitted via e-mail or on any form of the ‘Information Superhighway’, will list the location where the event is being presented (i.e. The Bagley Wright Theatre at Seattle Repertory Theatre or The Leo Kreielsheimer Theatre at Seattle Repertory Theatre). At no time will the Seattle Repertory Theatre logo or the phrase ‘Seattle Repertory Theatre, Braden Abraham, Artistic Director’ be used in any form. The Managing Director or his representative shall have prior written approval of any and all advertising used. The renter may use “Name of Event in Name of Space at Seattle Repertory Theatre” in advertising the event but may not associate their event in any other way with Seattle Repertory Theatre.