It is the sole responsibility of the Renter to oversee the Caterer and their needs. The Caterer must supply all tables, lines, dinnerware, flatware, serving utensils, kitchen equipment and anything else deemed necessary to accomplish the needs of the event. Either the Caterer or Renter is responsible for all setup, clean up and restoration of the building to its prior condition. Caterer will be given a staging area within the theatre. At no time will the Caterer or their staff block any fire exit. The Caterer’s contact information must be provided in advance. SRT reserves the right to deny anyone access to our facilities including but not limited to caterers whose experience at SRT may have been unsuccessful.

Some tables, chairs, and benches may be available for the renter’s use. However, SRT productions and events have priority of use of stock furniture.

Food and Beverage Concessions

Any food or beverage sold or given away free at the Renter’s Event(s) shall have prior written approval by the Managing Director or his representative. If Renter is providing alcoholic beverages for consumption or sale it is the responsibility of the renter to obtain necessary Washington State permits (such as Banquet Permit) no less than fourteen (14) days prior to the event. All alcoholic beverages must be handled by an SRT bartender and the renter will be responsible for those individuals’ wages.