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Spaces Requested:

Bagley Wright Theatre (Seats: 842)
Leo Kreielsheimer Theatre (Seats: 282)
PONCHO Forum (Capacity: 350, Seats: 133)
Rotunda Lobby (Capacity: 350)
Leo Kreielsheimer Rehearsal Hall (Capacity: 59)

Technical/Staff Needs:

Please check all of the following which might apply to your event and specify how many of each you need if applicable.


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*Minimum staffing will apply based on needs/location of event

Catering/Concession Stands:

This is a catered event (food and/or drinks will be served at no cost to patrons) (Seattle Repertory Theatre can provide a list of preferred caterers)
This is a catered event (food and/or drinks will be served and patrons will be charged) (Seattle Repertory Theatre can provide a list of preferred caterers)
Contact information for caterer:
Use of Seattle Repertory Theatre’s Bar/Concessions
This is not a catered event (no food or drinks will be served)


Please note, renter must have General Liability Insurance in the amount of $2,000,000 naming the Seattle Repertory Theatre as additional insured. Renter must present a valid Certificate of Insurance to the Seattle Repertory Theatre no later than 10 working days before move in. In many cases, presenting organizations already have this form of insurance.

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Additional Notes

  1. A completed rental info form is required before requested date(s) can be reviewed, place on hold or approved.
  2. Upon submitting this application, you will be asked to submit supporting material including a detailed schedule for event day (as much as is known).
  3. After dates are on hold, client will be presented with a confirmation of estimated costs based upon the information provided in the application. After both parties agree on the terms of the proposal, a contract will be issued. Please note changes after contract is signed will likely affect your final costs.
  4. Contract must be signed by both parties and a non-refundable deposit must be received by the Seattle Repertory Theatre with signed contract. For non-ticketed events the total fixed costs must be received within 1 month of event start (any adjustment will be part of the post-event settlement).
  5. It is the sole responsibility of the renter to obtain rights to any and all music, text, scripts, images, or any other work used as part of the event.
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