Stina Lotti - Stage Management

What is your favorite Rep production of all time and why?
My favorite show I’ve seen at the Rep is An Iliad. I’ve never felt so impacted by a show, both while sitting in the audience and even now years later. My favorite show I’ve DONE at the Rep is a tie between Boeing Boeing and All The Way/The Great Society. The former made me belly laugh every day in rehearsals and performance; the latter was the biggest challenge I had had in several years and was incredibly satisfying.

What do you enjoy the most about your job?
Support, support, support. I love being able to assist and support all elements of a production, from actors and directors, to designers and crew and staff, as well as other members of my own team. I love that, even though I myself am not an artist, I am an integral part of bringing art into this world and that my contributions to a process make for a better show in the end.