Upcoming Public Events

CLUB 20/30 Happy Hour: Constellations
Friday, February 12
6:45 p.m. Pre-show cocktails
7:30 Performance
Tickets: $60

Upcoming Private Events

Subscribers and donors have access to a number of invitation-only events. All are designed to take you behind-the-scenes and provide opportunities to learn more about the people and plays that make the Rep so unique.

Donor Lounge Access
For donors of $1,000 and up
Enjoy complimentary beverages and dessert pre-show and intermission
For Bagley Wright Theatre shows on Thursday and Saturday evenings

Backstage Tour
For donors of $100 and up
Go behind-the-scenes and see how art is put on stage. Hear first-hand from production and administrative staff and get an inside look into rehearsal rooms, the costume department, and the scene shop.
Saturday, March 5, at 10:00 a.m.

Opening Night Preshow Dinner
For donors of $100 and up
Luna Gale
Wednesday, March 9, 2016; 5:30 p.m.
at Triumph Bar, 114 Republican Street, $50 per person