Our friends at Seattle Public Library put together a reading list just for our production, with plenty of titles to feed your interest before and after the show.

To view a full annotated list and place holds on items visit
Seattle Public Library’s website.

Patient A
by Blessing, Lee
Book - 1993
In a 1993 play commissioned by her grieving parents, noted playwright Lee Blessing explores the tragic true story of Kimberly Bergalis, a young woman who became the first known case of clinical transmission of HIV (from health care provider to patient) in 1987.

The Gifts of the Body
by Brown, Rebecca
Book - 1995
A home health aide in an unnamed city cares for PWAs (people with AIDS) who respond to her generosity with the gift of wisdom that comes with dying in this deeply empathetic and emotionally sensitive novel by local author Rebecca Brown.

Understanding Hemophilia and Hemophilia B
Streaming Video - 2013
Learn more about hemophilia, its treatment and medical and social history (including the development of Factor VIII and HIV transmission) in this short documentary video.

The Stuff of Life
by Hill, Lawrence
Book - 2013
In this collection of lectures, author Hill presents a wide-ranging and compelling exploration of blood, including hematology, as well as how blood lines, or lineage, have formed our society.

At Risk
by Hoffman, Alice
Book - 1998
Like ROZ AND RAY, Hoffman’s moving novel describes the devastating impact of AIDS on an American family in the early years of the epidemic. he Farrells’ ordinary existence is shattered when eleven-year-old Amanda learns that she has contracted AIDS through a blood transfusion.

How to Survive A Plague
DVD - 2013
This award-winning 2012 documentary recounts the efforts of AIDS activists in the 1980s and 1990s to combat ignorance of this frightening new disease and demand access to effective medical treatment.

The Normal Heart and The Destiny of Me
Two Plays
by Kramer, Larry
Book - 2000
Author and AIDS activist Larry Kramer has been a passionate, confrontational voice for AIDS patients and the gay community since the beginning of the epidemic. In these two provocative plays, he fiercely indicts the political and medical establishment for failing to recognize and address the growing health crisis among gay men.

And the Band Played on
Politics, People, and the Aids Epidemic
by Shilts, Randy
Book - 2007
Almost 30 years since it was first published in 1987, journalist Shilts’ probing investigation is still considered one of the most definitive accounts of the AIDS crisis in America.

The Rise and Fall of the Yellow House
by Treat, John Whittier
Book - 2015
Set in Seattle in 1983, this novel depicts friends and lovers struggling with loneliness, addiction, and loss as AIDS claims an increasing number of their generation.

My Own Country
A Doctor's Story
by Verghese, A.
Book - 1995
An infectious disease specialist who witnessed the AIDS epidemic unfold in a rural conservative Tennessee community in the mid-1980s, Verghese describes his experiences treating PWAs from many different backgrounds in this compassionate and poignant memoir.

Ryan White, My Own Story
by White, Ryan
Book - 1992
13-year-old Ryan White was barred from his school after contracting AIDS from a blood transfusion to treat his hemophilia. Ryan was a young spokesperson for people living with HIV/AIDS who testified before the President’s Commission on the HIV Epidemic before he died in 1990.

Dream of Ding Village
by Yan, Lianke
Book - 2011
An impoverished Chinese village is destroyed by the black market blood trade when nearly half of the residents contract HIV from plasma injections. Previously banned in China, this novel is based on actual events.