Meet the "Cast"
Actress Renata Friedman plays more than a dozen residents of St. Marys, Ohio. Here’s a rundown of who you’ll meet.

Renata Friedman. Photo by Chris Bennion

The Girl: Who does most of the talking.
The Girl is the narrator of the story. She’s perceptive, and she can be trusted to know just what’s going on in this town.

Charlotte Mcgraw: Who no longer speaks.
Charlotte is a tall 12-year-old girl. She had a twin brother named Jamie. They were the kind of twins that were so close they spoke the same language. Jamie died, and Charlotte stopped speaking. At least, she stopped speaking to other people.

Quisp Drucker: Who has the biggest mouth.
He’s the pack’s front man, and he’s the oldest. He hears everything and he tells it all. Quisp says this is the summer of "the death."

Becky Ray Voss: Who smokes bubblegum cigarettes.
Becky’s an early bloomer. She’s 15, but she looks 20. She’s the real leader. She always smokes bubblegum cigarettes, which gives her an air of authority.

Steffi Post: Who romanticizes violence.
Steffi’s dad owns Chrysler so she’s the "wallet" of the group. She has developed a sick sense for violence. She gets like porTANeous vibes.

Brett Hoffman: Who keeps track of the facts.
Brett is the son of the town Sheriff, and Trent is his brother. Brett interviews "witnesses" and writes down everything in his notepad. He’s the brains of the operation.

Trent Hoffman: Who keeps track of the people.
Trent is the brawn of the gang. He’s loyal to his friends, and he doesn’t hesitate to stand up for them. Trent does what it takes.

Mrs. Mcgraw: Who expected more.
Mrs. Mcgraw is Charlotte’s mother and the town’s most awarded teacher. In fact, Mrs. Mcgraw has a whole box full of bracelets she’s won for being Teacher of the Year. She’s NEVER lost, and she isn’t planning on starting now.

Mr. Mcgraw: Who provided less.
He’s Charlotte’s dad and he’s no picnic. He’s not too schooled, and he’s not too soft. Mr. Mcgraw knows how to survive in this world.

Jack Whistler: Who tends to the flowers.
Jack tips his hat to whomever he meets. He’s Charlotte’s friend and Johnny Whistler’s father.

Johnny Whistler: Who is the subject of much debate.
Johnny has been called a "total monster." He drives a rusty blue Dodge, wears a stained wife-beater, and has a pack of mad dogs. More than anything, Johnny has nerve.

Johnny’s girlfriends: Who change often, and rarely wash their hair.
Johnny’s has had a lot of girlfriends like Wanda, Ruth, Daisy Lou, Clara, and Judith. None of them lasts for long.