Professional Arts Training Program

Are you a creative, driven, passionate about the arts, and looking for a bridge between university and the world of professional theatre?

Seattle Rep's renowned Professional Arts Training Program has been preparing theatre artists and administrators for 20 years. Our interns are bright, self-motivated individuals with basic training and experience in theatre who are committed to strengthening their skills and talents. They are effective communicators with an enthusiasm for community building and self-discovery. And they go on to work at the country's top organizations (including right here at the Rep).

Interns undertake responsibilities as members of the staff, contribute ideas, participate in department and staff meetings, and complete projects under the guidance of their supervisors. Interns also participate in professional workshops and seminars, which provide contact with theatre staff, guest artists, and members of the Seattle arts community. Staff members guide the work of each intern to help prepare them for a career in professional theatre.

Applicants should regard the Professional Arts Training Program as a full-time commitment of at least 32 hours per week throughout our full season (September through May). Interns will receive a weekly stipend.

Want to know what the average day of an intern looks like? Hear from current and past interns on our blog. blog.seattlerep.org

Why Seattle Rep?

  1. As a Seattle Repertory Theatre intern, you really are involved in the process of creating art at a first class regional theatre.

  2. You get to participate in Professional Workshops (a.k.a. Intern Seminars).

    In this unique learning opportunity, interns learn about the many different departments at the Rep and discover more about the industry as a whole. The Rep's staff is full of successful professionals who are thrilled to share their experiences with the interns. Many, in fact, were once interns themselves. Networking at intern seminars is a vital part of locating post-internship job opportunities in Seattle and elsewhere.

    The Education Department coordinates these professional workshops, tailoring the seminars to the interests of the interns. In short, the intern seminars are a great chance to learn, meet loads of great people, discover future opportunities, and enjoy a late morning snack.

    Past professional workshops have included:

    • What is Not-for-Profit Theatre?
    • Inside the Artist's Studio—Talking with Guest Artists
    • Avoiding Standing on Stage Alone, Looking at Our Navels:
    • Audience Development/Communications and Marketing/Education
    • The 13-Step Cycle of Production (a.k.a. Blood, Sweat, and Tears)
    • The Not-So-Corporate Ladder—How Rep Employees Got to Where They Are Today
    • Money, Money, Money—A Guided Tour of Rep Finances
    • Costume Shop Arts and Crafts
    • Evaluating Scripts
    • Looking for a Job in Theatre
  3. Interns are not grunt labor at Seattle Rep. The Rep's Director of Education feels very strongly that the interns are here to learn what a career in non-profit theatre is all about. The entire SRT staff is committed to this mission. Interns are more likely to find themselves teaching as part of a school residency or assisting a designer than getting someone a cup of coffee.

  4. PATP internships have been around in this incarnation (more or less) for 20 years, so we've had plenty of time to learn from our mistakes and develop a well-structured internship experience.

  5. You'll be one of at least a dozen interns. It's not exactly the college social scene, but it does mean you aren't the only one around who's just starting a professional career.

  6. Working at a place like the Rep, interns have had the opportunity to meet and work with some of the hottest artists in today's theatre—you will too. To do a little name dropping—Marion McClinton, Sharon Ott, Daniel Sullivan, Stephen Wadsworth, Mary Zimmerman, Steven Dietz, Philip Kan Gotanda, Sandra Tsing Loh, Wendy Wasserstein, August Wilson, Chris Akerlind, Ken Billington, Pat Collins, M.L. Geiger, Don Holder, Allen Lee Hughes, Peter Kaczorowski, Thomas Lynch, Peter Maradudin, Dan Ostling, Martin Pakledinaz, Aaron Posner, Warner Shook, David Esbjornson, and more...

  7. Seattle Repertory Theatre is one of the country's premier regional theatres. Check out About Seattle Rep for details.

  8. Smart, successful people who love theatre are all around you—the Rep staff and the Board of Trustees.

  9. Between all of the available comp tickets and Pay-What-You-Can nights, you can see a lot of theatre around town without putting a dent in your intern stipend.

  10. You can brag to all your friends that you were one of the few who got the "Johnny Mac tour."