Artistic Department

The Artistic Department Internships provide an opportunity to be part of the day-to-day life of a regional theatre artistic staff. Both interns participate in season planning, script reading and organization, dramaturgical research, administrative work, and assisting playwrights and directors in the rehearsal process. Literary Director Kristin Leahey is the supervisor for the Artistic Literary Intern, which focuses on literary management and dramaturgy. Casting Director Kaytlin McIntyre is the supervisor for the Artistic Casting Intern, which focuses on the casting process and communication with the Seattle artistic community. Their advice for future Artistic Interns: "This internship is a great opportunity for emerging dramaturgs, playwrights, and directors. It provides a valuable link between the academic and professional worlds."

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Company Management

The Company Management Internship provides an opportunity to be part of the day-to-day life of a regional theatre and to have a unique experience learning about the inner workings of the production, the artistic and administrative staff. Interns participate in Seattle Rep’s ongoing efforts, with an emphasis on artist relations. Projects include housing, travel, logistics, union relations, contracting and assisting artists through the rehearsal and performance process. Director of Artist Relations, Christy Bain, is the supervisor for the Company Management Intern who offers this advice for future Company Management Interns: “be prepared to meet artists and for anything and everything to happen.”


If fabrics make you swoon, if Julie Christy's hair in Dr. Zhivago makes you cringe, and if making something with your own hands gives you a reason for living, then you may have a home in the Costume Shop. Whether you're building a career in shop management, draping, design, crafts, millinery, wigs, painting and dying, or any combination of these, our shop is a great place to gain experience and take your skills to the next level. Our highly-skilled staff is comprised of artisans with many years of experience. The supervisor for this internship position is Costume Department Director Denise Damico, who says to future Costume Interns: "The inside of a garment should be as beautiful as the outside."

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Marketing and Communications

Seattle Rep’s Marketing Internship provides hands-on experience of how we brand, market and promote our artistic programming at the Rep to the community. Our marketing efforts include advertising, communications, public relations, social media, digital and grass-roots marketing. It also involves developing relationships and coordinating promotions with other arts organizations and community associations that can further our reach into the market and attract new audiences.

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Seattle Repertory Theatre designed the Development Internship to provide an immersion into the full array of development activities. The intern will work as a vital member of the team and gain a working knowledge of major giving, annual giving, board engagement, corporate and foundation giving, and special events. Ongoing opportunities include cultivation and stewardship of donors, prospect research, database management, donor correspondence and grant writing, and special events support. This intern will have a high-level of interaction with trustees, donors, and staff leadership. The supervisor for this internship position is Director of Development, Jamie Herlich, who says to future Development Interns: “Development is an essential part of any nonprofit’s business. Learning the ins and outs of relationship development and management is key.”

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The Education Intern is directly involved in the August Wilson Monologue Competition and our student matinee program. Other experiences include public programming, working with teachers to connect programs to academic standards, and teaching middle and high school students. Advice from the Director of Education: "You've got to really like being around teenagers, mainly high school and middle school students. Young people can tell if you want to be in the classroom or not, and it makes a real difference in how they respond to and learn from you. We're looking for a good sense of humor coupled with intelligence and a sincere desire to make a difference — in your own life as well as the lives of students."

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Lighting Design

As part of our commitment to developing emerging theatre artists, we offer a specialized Lighting Design Internship for applicants who have advanced academic experience or extensive small theatre experience in lighting design and are looking to expand their knowledge to the workings of a large, regional theatre. The internship focuses on two main areas: developing practical skills in the area of Assistant Lighting Design (ranging from drafting and paperwork to communicating and working with a union crew), and developing the intern's design skill set through a series of theoretical design projects (research methods, drawing, storyboarding, model building, etc.). The intern will serve as a Design Assistant on at least one production. The supervisor for this internship position is Associate Designer L.B. Morse, who offers this advice for future Lighting Design Interns: "The hours are long, the work is hard, and you'll be exposed to some of the best design in the country."

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Production Management

In assisting the Producing Director and Associate Production Manager, as well as the Director of Artist Relations, this internship provides hands-on experience in contracting artists, maintaining schedules, archiving, and making the artists feel welcome in our theatres. The intern will experience the inner-workings of all areas of production covered under various theatrical union contracts. The intern will be the Production Manager for the annual August Wilson Monologue Competition, which allows the intern to put into practice what he or she has learned and observed. The supervisor for this internship position is Associate Production Manager Matt Giles, who offers this advice to future Production Management Interns: "Production is the backbone of the organization. And you get to be an integral part of that team, so get ready for a wild and amazing ride.”

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At Seattle Repertory Theatre, we pay special attention to detail, and properties are where many of those design details become a reality. The intern will learn from skilled artisans about props construction, refinishing furniture, fine wood-working, metal working, upholstery, and researching, and he or she will assist in the creation of props for all productions. The supervisor for this internship position is Jolene Obertin, Properties Director, whose motto is: "Props bring a show to life."

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Scenic Art (Paint)

In addition to assisting on all productions and the maintenance of the paint shop, the Scenic Arts (Paint) internship includes intensive instruction on painting techniques such as texturing, sculpturing, and color mixing. Designed for individuals with painting or visual art experience, Seattle Repertory Theatre customizes this internship to enhance skills in perspective, color theory, and faux finishes, as well as emphasize fundamental concepts of scenic design. Interns will also increase their knowledge of the various types of materials and tools employed in a paint shop. The supervisor for this internship position is Charge Scenic Artist Maureen Wilhelm, who offers this advice for future Paint Interns: "You have to be honest with yourself about how much you want to be a scenic artist. It is a commitment, a struggle. It can be painful and joyous at the same time."

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Stage Management

(there are often two stage management interns or more per season)

The intern will serve as a member of the stage management team on at least three productions throughout the season. Duties will include assisting the Stage Manager in the rehearsal and tech process, running shows from backstage, and, when appropriate, calling a performance and assisting in new play workshops. The supervisor for this internship position is Producing Director Elisabeth Farwell-Moreland, who says to future Stage Management Interns: "Stage Managers are the glue that brings all departments together to allow artists to collaborate in a safe and creative environment."

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Technical Direction

The Seattle Repertory Theatre gears this program toward preparing the intern for a career or graduate school program in Technical Direction. The intern will become well acquainted with the steps involved in taking a production from a drawing to a physical reality on stage, and with all of the duties and responsibilities of the Technical Director and Assistant Technical Director. The intern will develop skills to help solve staging problems and gain experience with various automation techniques, as well as learn about budgeting, scheduling, and ordering materials. The supervisor for this internship position is Technical Director Brian Fauska, who says to future Technical Direction Interns that the position is about learning “the art of creating mountains and plains, deserts and lakes, factories and houses, empty stages, and everything in between and then filling it with all the natural and unnatural events and forces that come with it.”

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